This is the page where you get to share anything, you’ve done or you will be doing. The comments should be (but they don’t have to be), accurately spelled, and appropriate (but they have to be appropriate). You can share something that you’re doing in school, or are you going on a vacation for a long time if so where? Have you found something. Do you want to win the lottery? Are you just happy and want to share ?

I will try to write back to everyone that comments, and I might write something too! I will be editing and looking at your comments so , have fun writing. You can write anything you feel , see , or hear. This is the place to share it.

I can’t wait to hear , how you feel , what you see and have you hear something cool and what you want to share.


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12 Thoughts.

  1. Okay Ari! I just typed one long long long comment on natalie’s blog so I am going to bullet your list of tips/info. 1. Talk to your readers as if you knew them. 2. ignore spam and just delete it. 3. update regularly. 4. Comment on other blogs often. 5. Ask people to put a link to your blog on theirs. Okay now I reall y don’t know HOW I got over 5,000 visitors I just know I did… Bye for now.

    -Tessa :mrgreen:

  2. Dear Ari,
    hi, I’m Bronte. Found your blog on Tessa’s blog. I love horses!!! I have three, Nim, Merry-legs and Aadessa. I’m a total horsey bookworm, I’ve falled off horse fifteen times, my worst injury was a broken arm or fractured tail bone.

    I love to play a game called Howrse, I live in Australia, I wasin 4KJ last year (I hope you check out there, to find it go to my blog)

    Your new friend,

  3. Dear Bronte,

    Thanks so much for writing on my blog.
    That’s really cool that you have horses!! I took lessons twice and since it’s winter I’m doing basketball sadly I can’t do both.
    If you keep coming to my blog I will soon do a post about my horse experience it will also include pictures of me.
    Thanks Again!!!

  4. Dear Viewers,

    Right now I’m in Springfield. I am out west because I’m Babysitting my baby cousins , for the big snowstorm we went outside played in the snow. I think were going outside today. We got a lot of snow maybe about 2 in feet.
    There are so many people outside shoveling, snow plowing and getting paid to do all this work, so its a good day to make some money.
    Have a great day everyone.

  5. Dear Everyone,

    Today my cousins came over.
    We played together on our ipads.
    SInce it was snowing out we stayed in side.
    I had a great time.

  6. Hello Ari,
    You have been really busy on your new blog… I like it! I wish you could send a little of your snow our way. We only got snow once, back in December. We live in a “Temperate Rainforest” climate, and we definitely get a lot of RAIN and mild temperatures. Do you ever earn money by shoveling snow?
    🙂 Mrs. Boekhout
    Coquitlam, BC, Canada

    • Dear Mrs. Boekhout,

      I have been very busy on my blog, but I enjoy writing posts and writing back to people.
      I wish I could send some snow , we got some recently but it’s melting.
      We don’t get a lot of rain but we do get a pretty good amount.
      I don’t earn money, because , every year we build this slide down our hill and we were trying to do that , but one of our cable wires fell so we couldn’t do that any more.
      And plus my dad owns a plow and a snow blower so we usually help inside with my mom.
      Thanks again.
      Ari 🙂

  7. Hi Ari!
    You came to the right place when you asked for tips for comments! Okay before I rattle on TOO much here they are! When writing posts write it as if talking to them! People are more likely to respond to friendly posts that make them feel welcome! Dont forget to write posts OFTEN cause some people will think you’re forgeting about your blog. And you definatly dont want that! K well I have total mind blank now…hope that helps! Bye!
    -Tessa :mrgreen:

    • Dear Tessa,

      Thanks Again!! You really know a lot about blogging!! Your blog seems to be doing very good. So I will definetly trust your opinion.
      I’ve noticed that a lot of the other 7th graders who’ve gotten a blog don’t keep up with it? Do you have a lot of homework ? You seem the only one who keeps up with there blog!! And it really shows.
      Thanks Again.

      • Heyz (again) Ari!
        In middle School we do have quite a bit of homework…but they just don’t update because they don’t care. I however love to share my ideas and life stories with the world. It’s kida my stress relief. And yes I DO have a lot to be stressed about around now… k Bye for now.
        -Tessa :mrgreen:
        P.S. I think you’ve been doing a fantabulous job with your blog so far! Keep up the good work!

        • Dear Tessa,

          I heard form a lot of people that you have a lot of HW but I wanted to check with someone that I know. You!!!
          Blogging is very fun and I hope that I have time to do it. Thanks again so much. You are a huge help when it comes to blogging.
          Ur friend

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