This is the page where I will review Books, Movies,Tv shows, and Music.
It’s for if you want to rent a movie, buy an album, or what to expect in a tv series.
I will take comments and will Mabey write a  post one of your ideas, just write a comment in this section and ask Me I will be happy to write about it.
Example: How is the movie …..
The hunger games? Who plays in it? What’s the plot?
What’s a really good song that you like?
What is the TV series House of Anubis like?
Just write a comment and I will be very exited to answer!!!!!!!!



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6 Thoughts.

  1. Dear Ari,

    I LOVE your blog! I really want to keep up with it. Before I ask you what I would like you to reveiw I just wanted to say I love your voki and virtua pet, it has the same name as my cat. Have you read Breaking Dawn? I heard its good I just wanted to know if its worth reading and if its good.

    Your friend,

    • Dear Ashley,

      Thanks for writing / visiting my blog!!!!!
      I’ve heard it’s a great book .
      I wouldn’t know I’m not allowed to read it.
      I heard that if you read it , it will mabey make you cry, because its so well written. I heard that from my cousin. I don’t think that you’ll cry.
      I named my virtual pet after your cat because I love her name .
      Hope to hear from you again.

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