Going to Springfield was really fun. We went outside and played in the snow. Since it wasn’t snowing on Friday we went to the Springfield Mall. It has three floors. Every time we go there it’s absolutely packed with people.
But with the storm it was absolutely no one there, all if the stores were closed.
So it snowed a lot out there and we could barley walk. My little cousin Mitchell , my sister my aunt and my mom and me all went running around the street.
We even went sledding on a churches stairs!! Then we came back and I held my cousin Jacob.
Here is a slideshow of before and after .
And I bet all of my class mates and the other schools in my district are really happy we had FRIDAY OFF!!!!!!!!!







Have you ever had to shovel snow?

Have you seen snow before?

Do you like snow?

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8 Thoughts.

  1. Hi Ari
    I bet that is fun playing in the snow. I’ve only experienced snow once in 2011. The year eights last year were year sevens and went to ski camp up at Mt Ruapehu last year and learnt to ski or snowboard. I was in Miss Trask’s class last year for three days while they were up on the mountain or driving. I wish I could go to America go to Springfield. Is spring far away from Massachusetts cause I want to go to both of those places. What is your favourite place to shop in Springfield mall. Here in New Zealand my favourite place to shop is Glassons and Supre they are both good places to shop for clothes and go on shopping sprees. So I hope you had a good time.
    From Sara

    • Dear Sara,
      You’ve only seen snow once!!!!
      I see it every year.
      It’s sort of a tradition, and if we don’t there is something wrong with the weather.
      I hope you could visit Massachusetts . Mabey we could meet each other one day.
      I don’t know what you look like? Could you put a picture of yourself on your blog? If you want you don’t have to. I have a picture of me if you scroll down on my home page.
      Springfield is is Massachusetts. I dont live in Massachusetts I was just visiting my aunt and uncle. I wouldnt visit Springfield if I were you it wouldn’t be a good 1st impression. Springfield is a scary , very bad ,some parts are filthy and a lot of crime there. My aunt and uncle are going to move, so they don’t have to live in that area anymore.
      The town I live in is very small and quiet. It takes 2 hours and 30 minutes to get to Springfield. I live near Plymouth, it’s a famous town know for its history.
      My favorite place to shop is probably Delias which I went to today, and got a couple of shirts, also American Eagle.
      The mall in my town has one floor and is very small.But its still fun to shop till you drop!! 🙂
      Since the storm school was cancelled on Monday and Tuesday. So tomorrow we have school then on Thursday we have a field trip to the Boston Science Museum.
      Have a great Tuesday? I don’t know what day it is there. Right now its 8:07 pm On Tuesday.
      We lost power on Saturday , Sunday , and Monday. And my fish froze to death because I was in Springfield and the power was out.

  2. Dear Ari,
    I loved the before and after pics. Springfield sounded fun, I’m sure God was smiling down on you when you went sledding down the church stairs! I’m really happy about the time off! Hope to see you soon!

  3. Dear Ari ,
    while you were playing in the snow in spring field i was snow blowing 26 in of snow for 5 hours straight but i still got 30 dollars for doing it.I think i should of got 40 but i’m glad you had lots of fun so have a great day and i love your blog i love going on it and seeing all the new post !!!

    • Dear Paige,

      You snow blowed!!!!!
      I would never have the strength or time to do that!!!!
      Well 30$ to spend when you go shopping!!
      Thank you !!!!
      I love to see comments and visitors on my blog it really fills my bucket.
      You know what they say the more the merrier!!!!
      I will try to update posts once a week!!
      Hope to hear from you again.

  4. Dear Ariel,

    I had a lot of fun in the snow. We were playing in the plow hills. In Springfield was it a lot of fun? At my house I had hot chocolate and I sat on my Dark warm and dreary basement all though, it was very warm in my house because we have a wood stove. i is a lot of fun without the power, [sometimes].
    We lost power at 9:00 and we got it back on Monday at around 5:00.
    We had a lot of fun on the weekend all though the power was out FOR 4 DAYS.

  5. Dear Ari,
    Great photos about the snow storm! It’s crazy to go from no snow to 26 inches in a matter of a few hours!
    The fun part is playing in it. The bad part is shoveling all that snow do you can get around!
    Maybe you had some time to read? I saw on your about me page that you like the Hunger Games and named a pet Peeta!
    I think another good pet name would be “Bobby”.I am a Bruins fan, have an official cup and guess who my favorite player was? Ask Mr. Avery if you don’t know.
    Why did you name your blog Ari’s Safari? Do you want to go to Africa or have you been there?
    Keep Reading!
    Mrs. Hembree

    • Dear Mrs.Hembre,

      I love snow!! Although its really cold sometimes, its still fun to play. I didn’t have to shovel or snow blow. I had a great time with my little cousin when we played together. I did have some time to read I read Peter Pan on my IPod.
      I used to have a pet named peeta he died on Sunday.
      Bobby seems like a very cool name. I absolutely love the hunger games it is a well written and I love how since it has no words you get to make the picture in your mind.
      I love the bruins, they work so well together and even when they lose Im still happy that they played.
      I don’t how I came up with the name it just sort of came to me when I was looking for a name.
      I have not been to Africa it seems very interesting with the terrain and the wildlife.
      Have a great day thank you for writing on my blog!!!!!!

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