Player Of The Month :)


This is a new segment I like to call Player of the month, where I post pictures And articles about a player from the Boston Bruins hockey team, or The Patriots football team.

The player of the month is……….

SHAWN THORNTON Number 22 on the BOSTON BRUINS HOCKEY TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shawn Thornton is a left wing on the Boston Bruins, he is an amazing Hockey player. Sadly Thornton will miss a couple games this season because of his concussion. He was injured in the first period of Thursday nights hockey game. Thornton has one goal and 25 minutes worth of penalty this season.





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Which player is your favorite?

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17 Thoughts.

  1. Hi Ari! I love your blog! I saw you in the mall about week ago with Niki in Famous Foot Wear…Any ways if you would like any tips I would be glad to help! But thanks for all the nice comments about my blog. Maybe sometime we could blog together! 😛 Bye for now!

    -Tessa :mrgreen:

    • Dear Tessa,

      Thanks so much for writing, I would love for some cool blogging tips That would be great!!! 🙂
      Oh, I remember when I saw you at the mall , but that was my sister Jackie with me 🙂 .
      Hope to hear from you again.
      Maybe we could be blogging Buddies, Does your sister have a blog?

      • Ooh..awkward well from a distance she looked like Niki. Sorry. But, no my sister does not have a blog or I might just be insane by now. Ha ha ha. Anyways bye for now.


  2. Dear Ari,
    I like your player of the month, he seems really good. I’m really sad he won’t be in for a couple games. anyway this was an awesome idea can’t wait to see player of the month next month!!!!
    From your blogging buddy,

    • Dear Emily,

      Thanks so much.
      He is very good, but 25 minutes worth of , thats a lot. But that just tells you that he’s serious about what he does, and he won’t let anyone stand in his way.
      Have a great wonderful weekend.

  3. Ari – great blog. I love the topic! Brad and I went to a Bruins game not too long ago. I think my favorite player is Brad Marchand. First I like that his name is “Brad”. Second, I think his nickname is funny: “The little ball of hate”. You might remember when the Bruins won the Stanley Cup they got to meet the President. Even the President made a joke about ‘the little ball of hate”. Very funny. Have fun blogging!

    • Dear Amy,

      Thank you so much for writing on my blog.
      I haven’t heard that they call him that thanks for the fact.Thats really cool that they got to visit president.
      I also like BradMarchand . But my favorite is Horton or segan

  4. Dear Ari,
    I absoulutly love the bruins. I am acually long distant related to one of the old bruin player. Hows
    school I saw you in famous footwaer not that long ago remeber.


    • Dear Fiona,

      Thats so cool that your related to one of the old bruins players.
      I think my dad might have met one of the old ones too!
      I’ve never been to a game before but they look really fun!
      Yes I do remember!!!
      Thanks for writing on my blog , hope to write to you again!!
      Have you ever been to game?

    • Dear Joe D.

      Thanks for writing on my blog.
      I agree I really do want the Bruins to go to the playoffs and win the Stanley Cup just like in 2011. I think they earned it .
      Hope to write back to you again.

    • Dear Tyler,

      Me too!!
      But I think my favorite player is Tyler Segen or Horton. They’re both great players.
      Chara is by far a Giant, he’s like 7 feet in his skates.
      I did Thornton this month because Since he might be out for a while because of his concussion.
      Thanks for writing on my blog!!

  5. Dear Ari,
    I like your blog. I also really like this post. I like the bruins but I am more into football. I agree that number 22 is a good player.

    • Dear kaylee,
      I also like football when it’s Football season ,but when it’s hockey season I’m all ready! I will add a link to your blog on mine. No School today yahhhh!!!

  6. Hi Ari!
    I really like your idea of talking about your favorite player of the month! I also love watching hockey, though my favorite team is the Rangers. I really like your insight, information, and opinion on the sport! Keep it up!


    • Dear Joanna,

      Thank you so much for writing on my blog!
      Thank you it was sort of easy to come up with the idea because, I wanted to start something new. I love the Bruins and The Patriots so it was a perfect Idea.


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