Welcome to my blog


Welcome to my blog. My name is Ari and , I’m really excited about having my own blog. Some things you should know about me I love to ride horses, play soccer ,go to school, go on vacations, play on my tablets, and comments!

My favorite foods are cheese pizza, french fries 🙂 , chicken pop pie 🙂 , home made Mac and cheese , my dads famous CHICKEN NOODLE SOUP😃😄😘,
burgers, Eggplant parmesian, rasberries, yogurt, and pretzels.

For me having a blog is a big privilege. I’m really exited about sharing a lot of stuff on here. I can’t wait to for my blog to be up and running!!!!:) My blog should be updated every week or 2 weeks. I can’t wait for my first comment!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

I love to hang out with my Friends. I am a huge fan of the Boston Bruins and the Patriots. My favorite movie and book series is the Hunger Games and the Harry Potter series. My favorite music is pop , Katy perry ,Taylor swift , Phillip Phillips , Christiana Perry

I have three pets. I have two cats. And two fish. One cat is Loco , she’s butter white, very fat and lazy. Another cat is Sturgis he is black and white and looks like he’s wearing a tuxedo, he is a little bit mean,but he can be cute and cuddly at times. The last pet I have Is my fish. Since I love Twilight i named him Edward after one of the characters and since i love the ocean i named the other one Atlantic.

Some things you will be seeing on my blog are football and hockey players.(because I really love both teams all will be from bruins or patriots)that will be the player of the year post. You will also be hear about fun school events(fund raisers, field trips, and other fun school activities). Most of the posts should include either photos or videos.

I love the Bruins and Patriots!!!!!
The Bruins are absolutely amazing!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 😉 They have such awesome skills and everyone is putting their best effort into everything ( well everyone is suppose to do that 😉 )


I hope you enjoy my blog!!! I’m very exited to see what everyone has to say!!!! 🙂 😀 :mrgreen: I can’t wait to see how we’ll my blog turns out!!!!

Do you Have a blog?

What do you like to do ?

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18 Thoughts.

  1. Dear Ari,
    I am very happy to be your first comment! I will be writting lots of comments on your blog! I thought your first post was very interesting, I liked how you introduced yourself very well in your welcome post. I can’t wait to be seeing your player of the week post. Be sure to check out my blog, I am going to add in your blog as a link!
    Emily B.

    • Dear Emily,

      Thank you so much for writing on my blog. You’ve made the first comment!Good luck with your blog, I hope you get a lot of visitors and comments.:) I will add you’re blog as a link on mine. Happy blogging!


  2. Dear Ariel,
    I can’t wait to see how your blog turns out either. I already love your blog. It’s so cool. I can’t wait to see your other posts

    Natalie S

    • Dear Natalie,

      Thanks so much.
      I love your blog.
      The name is very creative.
      I can’t wait to see your new posts too!!!
      Have a great weekend.

  3. You’re off to a good start with your new blog–keep up the good work! I noticed that Alicia Keys is one of your favorite singers. Did you see her sing the National Anthem before the Super Bowl kick-off last night? I heard on the news today that some people criticized her style by saying that she sang it too slowly. I thought it was perfect and I really liked that she played the piano while singing too. She looked beautiful and you could tell that she was really putting her feelings into the music. If you saw her sing last night, what did you think of her performance?

    • Dear Kelly,

      I didn’t watch the Super Bowl, I missed it. Alicia Keys is also one of my favorites. Do you have a blog? I do, it’s 3cheers.edublogs.org!

    • Dear Kelly,

      Thanks so much for writing on my blog.
      Thanks for the nice comments.
      I love Alicia Keys she is also so pretty.
      Yes, I did see her she did a wonderful job!
      She did sing at a wonderful pase I think she was great.
      Did you know that she changed her last name because of her love of pianos?
      I think she did wonderful.
      Have a great evening!!
      Hope to write back to you again.

  4. Hi Ari, you are a crazy sports fan just like most of the people in Australia where I live. Congratulations on your new blog.
    I also love chicken noodle soup and my husband loves horses, playing cricket and baseball. We don’t have any cats but do have a dog called Captain Flint and you might already know who he was named after ( a character in a very famous book) or you might have to ask Mr Avery if he knows.

    Good luck with your blog 🙂

    Mrs Booth

    • Dear Mrs. Booth,

      Thank you so much for writing on my blog. I love you dogs name.
      I’m glad that my post was a hit. Chicken Noodle soup is the best!!!
      Where I come from or my town We aren’t really in to cricket. It sound ps fun.
      Thanks again.


  5. Dear Ari,

    WOW!!!!!your blog is amazing!! I totally agree that Tim Thorton is the player of the week. I love the great ideas that you have. Very nice blog!!!!!

    Nick k.

    • Dear Nick K.

      Thanks !! Tim Thornton is really great he is so cool.
      And is incredibly fast.
      Thanks you also have great ideas.
      You should try to get a blog you would probably get one if you really tried.

  6. Dear,Ariel
    I love your blog so much and you are a great friend and a very smart person also you are very pretty don’t ever doubt your self!!!

    Paige 😯

    • Dear Paige,

      Thank you so much!!!
      You’re also a great friend your funny and have funny stories to tell.
      You’re also very pretty and you have a great personality.

  7. Dear Ari,
    I too like the Bruins and Thorton i one of my favorite players! I think you have a great blog and in no time you’ll have a lot of of comments and visitors from all over the world! Have fun and do your best.


    • Dear Colin,

      Thanks so much.
      I l♥ve the bruins.
      You should try to get a blog, you seem that you have some good things to say so it might make a good post.
      Have a great weekend.
      Thanks for checking out my blog.

  8. Dear Ari,
    I have a blog to!!!:))
    You can get to it from Mrs. Watson’s blog. I’m 8(almost 9) years old. How old are you? I think your blog is cool. I have virtual pets too. 🙂 I have a real pets too. I have a three legged cat, and 4 dogs.
    The true web site for my blog is http://www.ajeelilyt.edublogs.org
    Hope you leave me a comment,
    P.S want to be my friend?

    • Dear Lily,

      I will definetly visit your blog. I will be happy to.
      Yes, I will be your friend, it’s more like blogging buddies , but that would be really cool.
      I love virtual pets they are so cool.
      Happy blogging!!!
      I will leave you a comment.

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